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Hobbies is a very popular interview subject, examiners want to see something other than student achievement through this title. Answering such questions is very important skill, if you say you like to sing, the examiner is likely to make you sing a refused to show only prove that you do not really like to sing, or you're lying. In addition, if you like the food, the best proof of that you know how some of the food culture and art, otherwise, this answer can only give you labeled as a "glutton" hat. . Points with humor "Why" is a classic title companies, universities and ULC interview. This problem could examine not only the students planning ability, vision, and often you can test students how the choice intention for the interview. When the student's answer is given based on the full understanding of the institution, as evidenced by the students agree with the philosophy of the school or company, upon admission will be very motivated to study or work. Instead, once the student replied "My parents let me come here to the exam, it is equivalent to they have abandoned admission, because their parents can not accompany the child's life, children also can not be life for him as the parents do select and responsible. Do not say what you like From the United States, with over 30 years of experience in education and further education consultant Phyllis is one of the entrance exam interviewer. According to her, ULC admissions interview interview Prelude equivalent to overseas universities, examiners want to see is a real student, rather than false rehearsal perfect answer. ULC International High School 2013 Spring semester first exam schedule on November 18. Current 52 the Spring Semester Degree competitive. Own life themselves In ULC interview examination room, the psychological quality of students is also one of the test content. To enable students to reflect their own style, the examiner will patiently guide students to relax, too nervous students often because he was nervous "Good afternoon," said "Good morning"; When the examiner tried to use humor to defuse the situation, students stiff facial expressions make the situation even more embarrassing is exacerbated by the tension of the candidates. Release the success or failure of holding show their true level of mentality in order to move forward with ease. Recite the answer is easy "Goof" Typically, some of the problem is that the interview will be asked, for example: you briefly tell us about yourself, your hobbies What. Not confident candidates will be ready before the interview in advance the answers to these questions, the examiner asks questions, he can be fluent. Experienced examiners, however, simply continue to ask a question or two, you will be able to easily identify the answer is not in the back. So, Phyllis is strongly recommended that the Topic Candidates can prepare for the material, but do not recite the answer to avoid self-defeating.